No win, No Fee for Employment Claims

More often than not when an employee brings a claim against their employer they are out of work and no longer earning an income.

We believe that this should not be a bar for employees to get quality legal representation to bring a a claim against their employer, therefore we offer “No Win, No Fee” arrangements for suitable cases.

Free Consultation

For a solicitor to know whether you have a claim suitable for a “No Win, No Fee” arrangement the best place to start is to discuss your claim with you.

We offer a free no obligation consultation and can inform you whether or not your case will be suitable.

Flexible Funding

If your case is suitable for a “No Win, No Fee” arrangement, we can discuss with you our funding methods with you in order for you to make the best decision to suit your circumanstances.

What if my claim is not suitable?

If for any reason your claim is not suitable for “No Win, No Fee” funding we will explain our reasons carefully, however we can offer to represent you in your claim on an alternatively funded basis.

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